CompanyBoard pages are service options for PostEverywhere® and PEP™ customers. Replace your load tendering white board with a password protected web board in just 5 minutes! Its inexpensive and easy to use! Load information, including internal fields, that are entered in PostEverywhere are displayed on your CompanyBoard pages. Internal information fields can be edited directly on CompanyBoard pages. You control access with a username/password list.

CompanyBoard service costs just $15.00 a month. With a standard CompanyBoard service you may choose from a selection of setup options and colors, depending on your needs. Include your company logo on your CompanyBoard pages at no extra charge. Making your loads available throughout your company has never been so easy. View sample CompanyBoard pages at

For customization of your CompanyBoard pages. Contact us regarding details and pricing on everything from special colors or listing formats to seamless integration with your existing website. We have set up a Company Load Board customized to integrate seamlessly with as examples. CompanyBoard service is also available for trucks.